Email-only Internet service

If you already have your own ISP (Internet Service Provider) connection and one email address that goes with it, you can probably skip this section.

The first step on the Internet for a lot of business and individual users is to get a single email address. Most people get this when they sign up for an Internet service (an 'Internet connection'). Your ISP gives you one email address when you subscribe to their Internet service. If you do not have this already and are reading this Web page online then you must right now be using an ISP connection provided by someone else - perhaps by a friend or by a public service. If you visited my site looking for help with getting a new ISP service including one email address, then I can't really help you with any good advice - sorry. That is not really "web hosting". Talk to friends about which ISP they recommend or look in your local business telephone directory under "Internet".

Once you have any kind of Internet connection, you can get another email address if you like. For example,, These email-only offers can be very low cost or even free. You get these by visiting the site concerned (for example and signing up.

Technical note:, and should all be the same email address because the Internet is (mostly) case-insensitive.

Email-only Internet connection services do not offer you your own Web site. For example, there is no Web site for So they are hosting your email, but not hosting your Web site.

October 2014.