Web hosting - Introduction

I help you make web hosting decisions for your business. You do not have to know a lot about computers and web hosting. I explain the computer-speak (the technical terms) you might come across.

'Internet site' and 'web site' mean the same thing. By "web hosting" I mean hosting your web site. In other words you want your own Internet site and probably one or more email addresses to go with that. Someone else is going to provide that for you i.e. they "host" your web site and email addresses.

I have worked in IT (Information Technology = computers) for 17 years and run several web sites. I am also business-focused and have a lot of experience running businesses on the Internet and dealing with people who offer web hosting and other Internet services.

I do not offer web hosting services myself - I am busy enough with my own Internet ventures. My web hosting advice is neutral. I tell you the business issues you need to consider when you look at web hosting. These issues are not complicated, but are often hidden in a lot of computer buzzwords.

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